THE LOVELACE (since 2016)

As co-founder and managing director, I am responsible for the world's first pop-up hotel. The "Lovelace" in Munich. The Lovelace is limited to a running time of 16 months and has quickly become one of the hot spots in Munich and one of the most published hotel stories of the year.

You Want A Hotel Happening


The LOVELACE is a unique opportunity: a large unused space. Right in the middle of Munich. Transformed into a hotel with 30 rooms and a variety of public spaces. Only for a short time. 2017 to 2019. 4800 sqm where exciting people and exciting ideas meet. Pop and politics, art and commerce, society and the individual. All this comes together in LOVELACE.

The LOVELACE is not a hotel, but a HAPPENING. The daily program is as important as the rooms. Due to the varied program, LOVELACE is a place for all Munich residents.

At The LOVELACE there is room for: exhibitions, performances, concerts, readings, films, showrooms, temporary shops, talks, discussions, meetings, seminars, conferences, trainings, a coffee shop, house top bar, club nights, parties and a boxing club.

The Lovelace will be around for just that long: